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Short Liverpool history from 1892 until today.

Liverpool from 1892 to the Present

John Houlding is a former president of Everton FC and founder of Liverpool FC. Established on March 15, 1892 under the name Everton Athletic, the club had to change its name due to another city Everton FC and was founded as Liverpool FC on June 3, 1892. With the establishment of Liverpool FC, they were carrying the colors of the same form as Everton FC. Blue and White were the first colors of Liverpool. Carrying these colors for 2 years, Liverpool started wearing the red jersey in 1894 and became MerseySide Reds. For 60 years, only socks colors changed in Liverpool,wearing red and white shorts. In 1964, Liverpool's legendary player Bill Shankley went to the pre-match locker room to play with Anderlecht and asked
Ronnie Yeats to try it out by giving him red shorts. Considering how big and scary his player looks, Bill Shankley also gave the player red socks, revealing a completely red jersey.

From this date, the legend was born in a red form. Wearing white jersey, black shorts or full yellow as a away jersey, Liverpool FC used the gray jersey set. For the first time in 1987, then switched to green jersey, then switched to England and the Premier League history as the first ad to the Liverpool jersey using the black-gold jersey.

McVean, the captain of the team, started the second biggest tradition in the history of Liverpool. At the beginning of the match, by winning the money shot, he chose the castle on the side of Anfield Road and since then, many team captains have started to choose the castle on the side of Anfield Road in matches. John Houlding, the owner of Anfield Road, who has been standing since 1884, is also the founder of Liverpool. Anfield Road is among the elite stadiums of UEFA with a capacity of 45,632. The KOP grandstand at the stadium takes 28,000 fans and stands out as the block with the most fans in the world.