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Premier League's Survey Until Today

Premier League's Survey Until Today

When the words of Britain and sports come together, there is nothing as usual as football comes to mind, perhaps because of the oldest football club Sheffield FC, the oldest professional club Notts County FC, the oldest football federation British Football Federation, the most the old qualifying tournament FA Cup, the oldest national league English Football League and the first modern football rules published in 1863.

The Premier League, which is the highest league in England and the favorite of the popular European leagues, has been accepted by many authorities as the share of Heysel Stadium Disaster (1985), which is a very tragic event behind its acceleration in the late 1990s. As a result of this tragic incident, British football clubs have been barred from European trophies for 5 years, since 1888, the Football League First Division, which is the highest level of British football, has lagged behind top-level leagues such as Italy's Serie A and Spain's La Liga, and many top The level British player has been transferred abroad.

England reached semi-finals in the 1990 FIFA World Cup so this helped the UEFA ban in 1985 to be lifted and the responses softened. In 1991, Manchester Unitedwon the UEFA Winners Tournament and ended the 6-year embargo by winning the trophy.

With the Hillsborough Disaster and Taylor Report which took place in 1989, with the seating of all the stadiums and the increase of security measures, the clubs called Big 5 in the UK started to become commercial management and introduced commercial principles to the club management. Martin played a very important role in this transformation. Together with Edwards (Manchester United), Irwing Scholar (Tottenham Hotspur), David Dein (Arsenal), the clubs got more rights using the separation weapon. £ 44 million) They led the Premier League to reach today's financial revenue. The idea of ​​a new upper league was first thrown in 1990 by Greg Dyke at a dinner meeting with representatives of Big 5 (Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton and Arsenal) and was founded in 1991 and named the Premier League. How about buying Premier League Tickets from the Global Ticketer on your journey to England?