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Champions League Final 2020 Istanbul

Champions League Final 2020 Istanbul

What was the date of the Partizan match with Sporting CP? When was Real Madrid's longest championship? Do you know when it all started?

The year is 1955 ... This enthusiasm began then. A progressing tournament was organized with a double match elimination system. Its name was "European Champion Clubs Cup". The clubs that could join the match in this system consisted of clubs that represented their country in the top league in the previous season. In the 1991-92 season, the format was changed and the league system was introduced. The name of the organization changed in 1992-93 and the game started in its current form.

The Game Looks Like A Living Organism

Then other teams in the countries entered the game. In 1996-97, in addition to the country champions, other teams in the UEFA order joined the league. According to the regulation, 5 teams from the same country could join the league. In this way, situations such as match-fixing and referees' bias were eliminated. The excitement also surrounded many fans in the country. The teams that could not participate in the Champions League started to continue in UEFA Europa League, which is a lower level.

The tournament, which started in mid-July, was held with a double-match elimination system. After three qualifying rounds and one playoff round, the stage play with the league system was started. 22 teams were directly involved in the group tournament. Added 10 teams from previous rounds and a total of 32 teams gets stuck in. The teams that completed their groups in the first two places went to the Europa League. The matches in the elimination stage were determined with a double-match elimination system. In the matches played in 8 groups of 4 teams, the winners were entitled to the next round.

Third place teams went to UEFA Europa League. The elimination system was double-match. The season was completed with the final game played in May. The team that qualified to compete in the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup was accepted as the team that qualified for the championship.

Real Madrid's Legend Championship

So far, 22 different teams from 10 different countries have become champions in the Champions League matches, and 12 teams have won more than one championship. Real Madrid, the team with the 13 championships won, became the most successful country in the history of the tournament with 18 championships in Spain. Real Madrid achieved the longest series as the champion in the top with the hug of the cup in the first five seasons. In the 2018-19 season, Liverpool reached the championship.

Now, the final match, namely Champions League Final Istanbul, will take place at Atatürk Stadium. We hope you're ready for it. Even if you are psychologically ready, you have to buy your tickets early. Because, on May 30, not only the stadium but the surrounding restaurants, hotels and even all parts of Istanbul will be full. Even if you are someone who enjoys letting yourself down to the last moments, Champions League Final Istanbul not one of those times, buy your UEFA Champions League ticket online right away here Champions League 2020 Istanbul Tickets!